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Tile Care & Maintenance

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Keep your tile looking its very best

When your tile is installed, it will look absolutely beautiful. However, high traffic and general wear can take their toll over time. While tile is extremely durable, it's not 100 percent impervious, so it's important to establish a regular care routine to keep your flooring in exceptional shape. 

What to do (and what not to do)

DO sweep, dust, and vacuum your floor on a regular basis. Make sure you use a vacuum without a beater brush, as this can result in scratching.

DON'T ignore liquid spills. They can make your tile extremely slippery!

DO wipe down, damp mop, and steam mop your flooring every so often.

DON'T damp mop your tile for at least 72 hours after installation to be sure the grout is fully cured.

DO use R2X Stain & Soil Remover from Shaw on your tile.

DON'T use any cleaners containing acids, vinegar, chlorine, or ammonia. This can damage the grout or the surface of the tile itself.

Tile cleaning | Wacky's Flooring

Need cleaning supplies?

We offer manufacturer-approved cleaning products for any surface or job, such as the R2X Stain & Soil Remover from Shaw.

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