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Natural beauty and year-long practicality


When you choose Shawgrass for your home, the grass is always greener. Seriously—Shawgrass is always green! If an effortless lawn is something you've always wanted, Shawgrass is the answer to your landscaping woes. It's incredibly simple to maintain, it elevates the look of your home, and it creates a comfortable and safe environment for the entire family. 

Shaw Grass | Wacky's Flooring
Shaw Grass | Wacky's Flooring
Shaw grass | Wacky's Flooring


In addition to its many residential applications, Shawgrass can play an important role in professional landscaping, creating dynamic work environments and low-maintenance recreational spaces. With its year-round functionality and simple upkeep, there's no easier way to enhance an outdoor space near an office building or within a community. 

Shaw commercial Grass | Wacky's Flooring
Shaw grass Flooring | Wacky's Flooring
Shaw commercial grass | Wacky's Flooring

Ready to take the next steps?

If Shawgrass is the right material for your job, contact us! The experts at Wacky's Flooring & Lighting are ready to work with you and are eager to help you create a dynamic outdoor space.