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The look of hardwood with a sleek, modern twist

Bamboo flooring | Wacky's Flooring

A modern take on hardwood

Hardwood has been the go-to solution for many Canadians looking for natural beauty and elegance. Bamboo, however, is an excellent contender. Sleek, clean, and modern, bamboo flooring perfectly complements a contemporary design scheme. Is it right for you? Learn more below!

Trendy, but beautifully refined

Bamboo flooring is popular because of its clean and contemporary application. However, don't let that fool you—it's just as elegant as hardwood, with the same natural variations and quirks. It's anything but boring.

Marbled bamboo Dartmouth, NS | Wacky's Flooring
Bamboo Flooring | Wacky's Flooring
Bedroom Flooring | Wacky's Flooring
Bamboo flooring | Wacky's Flooring

Perfectly pet-proof

Bamboo isn't just visually appealing. It's incredibly functional, too.  In fact, bamboo frequently out-performs hardwood when it comes to resisting scratching—whether from claws or from furniture. Bamboo also does a better job at tolerating moisture when compared to hardwood. Because of these factors, we think it's the perfect choice for families with pets. 

Ready to take the next steps?

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